A trackless train can be used to transport guests to various activities and food venues that are set up at the large outdoor event that you will be hosting. Party equipment rentals include supplying equipment and attendants that are necessary for comfort and safety.

The Components Of A Train

Individual rail cars that connect together and a conductor's seating area are parts of a trackless train. This type of equipment can be used on flat, paved surfaces or hard, dry dirt or grass-covered surfaces. The omittance of a track will support a casual tour of the grounds where an event is being held.

A canopy top, padded seats, and seatbelts will make a train suitable for use on hot sunny days or on occasions when many people will need to be transported at the same time. The inclusion of a whistle, a bell, or an intercom system will mimic the sounds that one may experience on a standard guided tour that involves being transported via a trolley or a passenger train.

If an equipment rental business advertises that a trained operator will be dispatched with a rental, assistance with safely entering and exiting a rail car will be supplied. A rental train will travel at a low rate of speed, further ensuring that each passenger's safety will be maintained.

Ways To Set Up And Utilize Your Rentals

Divide the grounds where the event will be held to support different themes. A section that will contain food and beverage booths and several sections that contain group and individual activities should be easily accessible. When inquiring about a trackless train, inflatables, and mechanical equipment that is available for lease, learn about any additional accessories that are needed for the setup of each rental.

Acquire the dimensions of each product and the maximum weight restrictions for the proposed rentals. If some equipment is going to be designated for a specific age group, prepare to have these items set up in one area. Remove loose items from the property where the event will take place. Use cones, signage, and rope barriers to mark different parts of the property. Request that the train conductor completes several planned transport trips throughout the day and evening or direct them to transport guests on an as-needed basis.

Furnish the conductor with a map of the grounds. Since some of your guests may choose to walk, instead of boarding the trackless train, prepare a clearly marked walkway that will not be located near the area where the rental train will be traveling.