A balloon garland can be a stylish addition to weddings and graduation parties, but there are other times that you may wish to buy one of these decorative structures. If you're hosting a party for Independence Day, a balloon garland can work well in your backyard, on a beach, or wherever you're having your gathering. For this occasion, you'll want to choose balloons that have a patriotic look to them. You'll likely be using other patriotic decorations, so the right style of garland will be a good fit. Here are three patriotic balloon garland ideas to consider.

Red, White, And Blue Balloons

If you favor a balloon garland that has a simple, classic look, consider something that solely includes red, white, and blue balloons. There are many different design options that can work well. Some people might want a design in which the different colors appear in a striped manner, while a random assortment of these colored balloons can be another option to consider. If you're choosing a design that will be three balloons wide, it can make sense for each row of balloons to be one solid color.

Printed Balloons

While plain red, white, and blue balloons can add a patriotic vibe to your event, you might wish to choose a balloon garland in which the balloons have more of a festive look. For example, you might want some balloons that feature American flag graphics printed on them. Another option is to have blue balloons with white stars and red balloons with white stripes. Together, these two designs can pay tribute to the flag, adding a festive and patriotic vibe for your event.

Unique Shapes

Another option is to choose some balloons that have unique shapes. While you might want standard-shaped balloons for the majority of the design, there are lots of ways to incorporate other balloon shapes into this structure. For example, many party stores sell balloons that are shaped like large letters. Having "U," "S," and "A" balloons positioned at the top of the garland can be an appealing look. You might alternatively look for balloons that are shaped like stars, and then distribute them in various places around the garland. If you can get star balloons in several different sizes, they can add more visual interest than using just one size. To discuss these and other ideas, contact a party store that specializes in balloon garlands.