When you're browsing the different types of outdoor heaters that are available at your local rental service, you can expect to see a variety of options. Think about what size and style of heaters would be the best fit for your event, and then plan to rent as many heaters as you expect to need. One type of unique product that some rental services have available is the outdoor heater table — a heater that has a tabletop on top of it. Here are some benefits of renting this unique type of heater for your gathering.

Extra Table Space

Whenever you're planning an event, you need to ensure that you have enough tables for your guests to use. It can be a concern if people can't easily find a table around which to stand while they sip their drinks or snack on appetizers. When you rent outdoor heater tables, you're likely thinking about keeping the venue warm. At the same time, however, you're also providing extra table space for your guests. Those who feel particularly cold at the event will especially appreciate being able to enjoy a steady source of heat while they stand at these tables.

Ideal In Low Spaces

Outdoor heater tables are significantly shorter in height than many other types of heaters. While taller heaters can be desirable because of the amount of heat they produce, they may not be the best fit in every environment. You should always think about the look of your venue before you decide what type of heaters to rent. If you're on a deck or patio space that has a canopy above it, for example, you might be reluctant to choose outdoor heaters that are on the taller side because you don't want heaters that extend close to the canopy. In this type of venue, the compact design of outdoor heater tables may be a better fit.

Easier To Move

The smaller size of outdoor heater tables makes them easier to move around than many of their taller counterparts. If you'll primarily be setting up the venue on your own, you want to ensure that you rent products that are small enough to move without needing help from someone else. While the weight of different outdoor heaters varies, you'll often find that heater tables are lighter than many other heaters. Contact an outdoor heater rental service to learn about these unique heaters.