Renting a bounce house gives any birthday party a fun boost. However, rather than renting a regular house, you can add to the fun by hiring a combo option. What are bounce house combos and why do kids love them?

What Is a Bounce House Combo?

A regular bounce house contains an open space with a bouncy inflatable floor. This allows kids to simply bounce around in the space. However, a combo adds extra activities to the mix. For example, a combo house will have a jumping area as well as bouncy slides, climbs, ropes, tunnels, basketball hoops, and fun characters to play with.

In some cases, all these extras activities and the jumping floor are contained in the bounce house. In others, some parts of the combo are outside the main structure. For example, a combo house might have a slide at the side or front of it, which kids can exit the house from. External slides can either be dry or can end in a small pool that you can fill with water to add to the fun.

Why Rent a Bounce House Combo?

While your child and their friends might enjoy a regular bounce house, they might get bored after a while. Jumping around on a bouncy surface can be fun, but the fun might wear off quickly for some kids. Some children might try to get back their initial high by making riskier jumps and moves if they get bored. By doing so, they might hurt themselves or other children at the party because they are playing too rough. Plus, some kids might not like this roughhousing. It might make them anxious, and they might decide to leave the bounce house if things get too frantic or crowded in the jumping area.

If you rent a combo bounce house, then the kids at your party have more things to do. They'll get more fun out of the bounce house and stay in it for longer. You also get to cater to all the kids who want to play in it. Some might want to simply pogo up and down in the jumping area, while others might have more fun using the slide or crawling through tunnels. They can all do different activities at different times if they want.

If kids have more things to do in the house, then they'll also spread themselves out naturally. They won't crowd into one area where the excited jumping could cause accidents.

To find out more about combo options, contact a bounce house rental company in your area.